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I'm about the start the process of backing up this journal over on dreamwidth. Not because of any ideological affiliations or even hatred of eljay, but because these DDoS attacks are actually starting to make me reasonably afraid that I'm going to lose the past five years. Yeah, how bout no.

So I'm backing everything up, just in case. Dunno whether I'm ever going to actually like, post there, I guess it depends on how bad these attacks are, but yeah, if eljay goes down, looks like that's where I'll be.

Fic'll be the next thing to back up, if I can figure how to import everything into a community instead of a journal.

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Yeah so I totally went Office Space on my printer today and I also managed to flip that printer shit all in front of several of my co-workers. good job atti

and then livejournal went down again and i am so fucking sick of this nonsense i am about to puke fucking pixels or something idek, and i couldn't vent about it so i was basically all like CHRIST i need a fucking MALLET goddamn (and also it means that it is probably time to actually fucking back my shit up elsewhere just in case and GOOD LORD do i not even what to deal with that fuckery)

and i'm frustrated because i haven't been able to write in three months
and it's been lonely on these here big old internets lately
and i need something to cheer me up or whatever


Three Sentence Fics! :: give me at least one character*, no more than three characters, and some form of a prompt, and i will attempt to write you three sentences of fic.
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Wolverine abuse will never not be funny you guys

If feeling like that is wrong, than fuck it, I don't want to be right.
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I just spent twenty minutes scraping over an old, matted rug with a a cat brush.

It was incredibly effective whilst simultaneously being incredibly disgusting.

jesus christ atti get a proper vacuum you are an adult
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I am about to commit murder by stapler and flying post-it pad.

someone save me from my life
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on flikr

it is beginning to be daffodil time~~~
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I have been sleeping like shit. And this? This is a problem for me. Because I like sleep. I really like sleep. I might just love sleep best of all of the things. Sleep and me? We're bros.

So the fact that my bro is deserting me in my time of need is rather distressing. When I don't sleep I get nauseous and even more grumpy and awful to be around than usual. The ability to suck-my-shit-up is my secret superpower, but my annoyance tolerance levels have never been on the shit-sucking-up list and now they're below rock bottom. I also have apparently lost the ability to spell, as it really should not have taken me four tries and the firefox spellchecker to spell nauseous correctly.

Insomnia is not a contagious disease, is it?

Anyway I got the SO tickets to see Alton Brown this weekend. He's going to like, give a talk or something I don't know. It's a thing. (The SO is pretty infatuated w/ AB, so it was this or Neil Degrasse Tyson and afaik there are no NDT appearances coming up any time soon.) And apparently afterwards there is going to be some sort of fancy reception with like free gourmet food from nearby restaurants and stuff. Meanwhile we are two slobbering, unwashed slackers who barely don't eat sitting on the floor and only by some small measure of luck manage to tie our own shoes. Which means I'll be frantically digging through my closet come Friday night trying to find something respectable and unstained so I can pretend like I am a functional human bean.

Still though, open bar.

So hey new Young Avengers tonight, eh? That's a thing.
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The time when I get bored and post a meme! How original I am!

Name any story I've written, and any character in it, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character that I didn't put in the story.


Mar. 7th, 2011 03:27 pm
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So yeah anyway I've completely fallen down the rabbit hole of MLP:Friendship is Magic. I have succumbed to the tidal wave of sparkles and rainbows and horse puns and horrifically catchy singing she's an evil ENCHANTRESS shedoes evil DANCES and I feel like my brain has been soaked in sugar and joy and all I can say is


You have to run or the ponies will get you like they got me and we'll all be suffering the withdrawal together until the next episode goes up on youtube.

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I just discovered that a really stupid silly thing I did ages ago just for fun was in fact posted elsewhere presumably as if it was something other people would actually want to see but no it was actually horrid and silly and stupid and wtf are you on WHY WOULD YOU SHARE THAT don't inflict that on others sob why is my name attached sob sob sob

In other news:


be for real be for real be for real be for real be for real be for real be for real
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(Or, Why Atti Is Not A Food Reviewer)

As I mentioned last week, I went to Art and Soul this weekend. Art and Soul is one of the restaurants of Art Smith, who you may recognize if you are an obsessive Top Chef watcher. Basically he was adorable and fantastic and charming and his food looked fucking delicious and I wanted to lick my tv screen all the time except that would be gross and dusty and generally disappointing. Also it is hard to see through tongue smears, no lie.

So I knew he had a restaurant in DC, but I hadn't managed to get around to actually going for a long ass time, and finally I was like, "THE SO! WE ARE GOING! CHOP CHOP OPEN TABLE NICE SHIRT MOVE IT." And lo, it was good. )

And thus ends the proof that Atti will never write food reviews because "Amazing" has just taken a massive beating and fled for the hills and will not allow itself to be used in such a fashion ever again. Whew.
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We are apparently going to be getting tornadoes here all day so if I get hit to death by flying glass, you know. Mourn me.

If, on the other much more likely hand, the conference room windows do not asplode, I will be posting my flaily squee over Art and Soul sometime this afternoon.
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Today on Stupid Shit I Heard On The Metro:

[two women, roughly my age, discussing marriage rates in different cities for young women]

Woman 1: You know, take Silicon Valley--
Woman 2: Yeah, but I don't like hanging around with nerds.

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awwwwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiit i just solved NYT's Friday crossword

whose house? run's house.

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oh hey look what's this a meme that i am completely unable to do for anyone else because of failing forever

Based entirely on my personality (so block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a "played by" who you think would best represent me. Reply here with the picture or link.

As per usual, I hate my fucking brain. I haven't done anything even remotely creative/participatory in over a month and that's terrible. Worse? I haven't written a single goddamn word in almost two months. UNACCEPTABLE. UNACCEPTABLE. UNACCEPTABA;LKSEYR;AJKLNV ASKDJF /stabs self

Seriously. This is the last fucking bit of writing I have in my moleskine

For all his size, for all his strength, Teddy doesn’t really like using it. Yeah, sure, he does when it’s to save kittens from burning buildings or little kids from trees, or when it’s holding [[INSERT HILARIOUS BAD GUY]] upside down by an ankle to shake some information out of him, that’s fine and good. But most of the time Teddy just wants to be Teddy, because he finally can be-- be plain, ordinary Teddy who has some soft places...Ordinary Teddy who has a boyfriend whose eyes gleam as he pushes Teddy to the bed.

and that? Is fucking awful.


also it kind of looks like someone that is not me browsed through some of my googledocs, and i am displeased and also sort of paranoid. but it is also possible that i actually did do it myself and then forgot. see: horrid brain that needs to be removed


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