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Yeah so I totally went Office Space on my printer today and I also managed to flip that printer shit all in front of several of my co-workers. good job atti

and then livejournal went down again and i am so fucking sick of this nonsense i am about to puke fucking pixels or something idek, and i couldn't vent about it so i was basically all like CHRIST i need a fucking MALLET goddamn (and also it means that it is probably time to actually fucking back my shit up elsewhere just in case and GOOD LORD do i not even what to deal with that fuckery)

and i'm frustrated because i haven't been able to write in three months
and it's been lonely on these here big old internets lately
and i need something to cheer me up or whatever


Three Sentence Fics! :: give me at least one character*, no more than three characters, and some form of a prompt, and i will attempt to write you three sentences of fic.
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I am about to commit murder by stapler and flying post-it pad.

someone save me from my life
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I just discovered that a really stupid silly thing I did ages ago just for fun was in fact posted elsewhere presumably as if it was something other people would actually want to see but no it was actually horrid and silly and stupid and wtf are you on WHY WOULD YOU SHARE THAT don't inflict that on others sob why is my name attached sob sob sob

In other news:


be for real be for real be for real be for real be for real be for real be for real
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Also I am literally wearing a sweater over another wool sweater. OFFICE, WHY IS THE AIR CONDITIONING ON?
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I am feeling like one roughly human-shaped puddle of grey today. Ugh.

My company's "Holiday Potluck" is tonight and even the promise of copious amounts of free alcohol is not enough to make me get up the get up and go to go. Free. Alcohol. I cannot manage it.

I'm supposed to go see Tron tonight with folks (despite having never seen the original) and I'm honestly feeling like I need to go have a nap before that happens. I need to take a nap. Before going out. On a Friday night. What is wrong with me uuuuuuuugh.

Delicious is shutting down. I am actually pretty broken up about this, guys. I love Delicious like I love oxygen, like I love kittens, like- like- like I love coffee. This is serious, guys. I've been using it for a really long time and it's gotten kind of ingrained. It is my go-to tool for a lot of stuff.

Right now I'm working on importing my bookmarks to a couple of sites that seem promising. Once that happens I'll be able to bum around on them a bit and see how they're working and report more. So far Diigo and Zootool seem promising, (Diigo perhaps a bit more than Zootool, what with the browser/phone interfaces and options to back up more than just bookmarks), but obviously social bookmarking sites only work as well as the users who use them, so. We'll see where that goes. Also, my bookmarks have still not fully imported there, so I've only poked with the interface so much. I am also checking out Mister Wong, which is nice for being multi-lingual and having a broswer toolbar, but also inexplicably requires a gender. Google Bookmarks I don't think I'll like, because while usually I am extraordinarily googlesexual, their forays into social networking have been fairly resoundingly disappointing, as far as I'm concerned.

[[Note: A bunch of these sites seem to be down at the moment because of getting hit so hard in the wake of the delicious news. Hopefully they'll be back up for perusal soon.]]

Anyway, I'd love to hear what other folks are thinking of using. Again with the emphasis on the social aspect, because one person (read: me) using a social bookmarking site is no good if no one else is using it. There are a lot of good sites out there, but most of the sites I poked my nose at last night didn't seem quite right for the largely fandom-y purposes I'm thinking. Idk.

Who's got some good options?

I'll compile a list of sites and feedback as warranted.
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Time to pour one out for my homies.

Leslie Nielsen has left the world a little less funny today.

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The time Atti wails and gnashes at her computer and then claws her face off before jumping off the roof.


I shouldn't really complain, because this is at least a lot closer to what I would actually like to do do, and is the only aspect of my job that allows me to feel anything even approaching fulfillment, but it still comes down to OHMYGOD THESE PEOPLE. SENSE OR TASTE. DO YOU SPEAK IT. a;skldrua;e

I suppose I shall just spend another afternoon laughcrying at Clients From Hell and pretending like I belong.

I did have pizza pockets for lunch though, so. /thumbs up


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