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My relentless paranoia is currently at war with my overwhelming neurotism/anal tendencies, so I am trying to distract myself with a meme.

But I can't fucking find one. Not even one I've done a zillion times.

So I made this instead. (all credit belongs to [ profile] silver_paired, I just made it go.)

Edit: Um um um, okay yes please
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:: The SO has done me a major disservice. He oh so kindly ripped the audio tracks from a bunch of Autotune the News vids and sent me the songs and a;slkdgua;j those things are so addictive. I have been walking around singing about turtle fences and waking up dead and very thin ice for three goddamn days and I want a keytar wicked bad. sob I made ringtones. I love those fucking vids so goddang much.

:: THERE IS A RELEASE DATE FOR SCOTT PILGRIM VOL. 6. So fricking excited for this, I am about to pee my pants. BE JULY ALREADY, OKAY? cough also this cover seems to be somewhat confirming one of my structural theories about these books. I cannot cannot wait for this book, but I also don't want the series to be over. I am le torn. ;;

:: I made a couple of icons from the YA preview pencils we got the other day. Just posting them under the cut here because there are really not enough to make their own post but idk maybe someone besides me is interested? I may make more (when it is not 11:30 at night and I should have been in bed forty-five minutes ago.)

pretty much just Billy and Kate )

Anywho, I think that's it for me for the moment. Just over one hour before I get to start enjoying the 70 degree weather! I keep looking through my phone/camera at all the snow, and my reaction every time is "Did-did that really actually happen?" o___O

eta: apparently the SO and my mom are becoming besties in gmail. this is a troubling development
eta2: sob my mom should not be allowed access to the internet. i am superclose to going friendsonly lockdown out of sheer terror


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