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I have been sleeping like shit. And this? This is a problem for me. Because I like sleep. I really like sleep. I might just love sleep best of all of the things. Sleep and me? We're bros.

So the fact that my bro is deserting me in my time of need is rather distressing. When I don't sleep I get nauseous and even more grumpy and awful to be around than usual. The ability to suck-my-shit-up is my secret superpower, but my annoyance tolerance levels have never been on the shit-sucking-up list and now they're below rock bottom. I also have apparently lost the ability to spell, as it really should not have taken me four tries and the firefox spellchecker to spell nauseous correctly.

Insomnia is not a contagious disease, is it?

Anyway I got the SO tickets to see Alton Brown this weekend. He's going to like, give a talk or something I don't know. It's a thing. (The SO is pretty infatuated w/ AB, so it was this or Neil Degrasse Tyson and afaik there are no NDT appearances coming up any time soon.) And apparently afterwards there is going to be some sort of fancy reception with like free gourmet food from nearby restaurants and stuff. Meanwhile we are two slobbering, unwashed slackers who barely don't eat sitting on the floor and only by some small measure of luck manage to tie our own shoes. Which means I'll be frantically digging through my closet come Friday night trying to find something respectable and unstained so I can pretend like I am a functional human bean.

Still though, open bar.

So hey new Young Avengers tonight, eh? That's a thing.
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