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Number A: I only saw this last night literally as I was going to bed, so I didn't have the energy to do much more than tweet the link, but I think it's a good idea to spread the word further, so.

dA fails in a gross, insulting, and despicable manner.

You can read all the info HERE in a post by [personal profile] transfinite

This is a goddamn cascade of fail. Fail droplets forming inside fail waves with a light fail froth on top. Ugh.

Part the 2th: Though the "fandom fails" aspect is pretty much resolved at this point, said fail did kind of remind me that the Pepsi Refresh Project existed. And as it turns out, it is actually kind of great. There are some really great proposals over there that could really go a long way towards helping a lot of people, animals, and places that really need it. Not to get into BLAH BLAH CORPORATIONS BLAH or the specific intricacies of Pepsi's marketing ploys or whatever, the idea behind this project is engaging and I can see lots of small community ventures that might otherwise not get a lot of attention at the very least getting a slightly larger platform to increase their visibility. And I have to love that.

If you've got a few minutes, click over there and read through a couple proposals. They are grouped by both Amount of Money Sought and by Type of Project, and you can even check to see if there's anything going on local to you. You get ten votes a day, so if you've got the time, maybe spread those votes around. There are so many good ideas, those ten votes go fast.

(I've been mainly voting for animal related projects, because if I have a pressable button, that is it, but there's proposals ranging from community food banks to art therapy to spay/neuter programs to health initiatives to recycling/Green drives. There's something for any button you have.)

THUS ENDS MY ONCE IN A BLUE MOON PSA TYPE POST la la la I will be back with the expect frivolity later okay.
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I just have to state. Officially. On the record and all that.

Mainly because I think I haven't actually said before, except for some EXTREME TWITTER CAPSLOCKING.

If those of you what read comics are not reading the The Last Unicorn adaptation? WHAT IS ACTUALLY WRONG WITH YOU?

I am generally supremely harsh on the adaptations of things that I love, okay. I think this has been pretty well established by now. And this book-to-movie-to-comic? SO FUCKING GOOD OMG. They nail the atmosphere, the right pieces of the language, and the art? Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. From the character design to the page layouts to the depth of the coloring, it's unfuckingbelievable.

(Though I will say, if I had one complaint, it is that the artist has made Molly and Schmendrick possibly too pretty. But then that is such a minor quibble. Such a chore to complain about that.)

No, bu seriously. If you love joy? And things that are awesome and also rule? You should read this. I want it to never ever stop. It had the power to bring me to tears over a scene I have experienced countless times, over and over, and it still got me there. It is simply beautiful in every way that a thing can be beautiful. Read it. READ IT.

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