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Print out the Post crossword (which, to be fair, is a Monday so I mean it is basically a write-in, we are not talking SUPER challenges here or anything that is just wacky) and see if you can get it done in the amount of time it takes you to sit in the sun and smoke a cigarette (talking like 10-15) minutes. SUCCESS. TAKE THAT, CROSSWORD FACE.


Not removing the heads of people who ask to touch my fucking hair.

No. Stop. What is wrong with you. This is a very sharp letter opener I have. ;asldfya

edit; oh right i have decided i am going to start using my tumblr. if you've got one, drop it here.
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Guys, it it really so hard to put proper zip codes on things? Really?

I mean, I don't think I'm exactly expecting a lot here.

Unrelatedly, I managed to drunkenly stab myself in the palm last night. /good job atti

oh biscuits

May. 6th, 2010 12:48 pm
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So, I killed my phone.

Well, hopefully not killed killed, but. a;sdigua'sdkjf Basically I was sleep deprived and attempting to juggle at least three items while sleepily trying to put my pants on an my phone did not survive the process. Dropped it flat, face-down onto the floor. Went OH SHIT, picked it up, only to discover that instead of my lovely [ profile] ormery drawn wallpaper, all that was displaying was a big swath of white with some vertical lines running through it. Obviously, something is jacked.

The phone still works, basically, like, I can receive calls or whatever, and probably even make them, but these are tricky things to do blind.

The extra super funtiems cherry on top of this annoyance sundae? Well. I haven't even had this phone a year and I have apparently become completely dependent on it. Like, dependent to the point of probably needing to get the damn thing implanted surgically at some point in the next two years.

Within half a hour (counting my freak out and my frantic googling and then my being late) I realized just how much I need my phone in my life. I was mentally reviewing all the shit I would need to take care of to get my phone fixed and it went something like this:

I have to find out how late the Apple store is open.
Oh I will quickly google their phone numb-- oh

Hmm, I wonder if I have enough money in my checking to pay for the inevitably pricey repairs?
/attempts to open app /smacks forehead

I am probably going to miss my bus.
/reaches for schedule on phone

What the hell time is it anyway?
Hmm, forgot my watch, but not to fear, let me just reach into my pocket! :(

This all took place in oh, about a ten minute period. Then I couldn't read the fic I wanted on the bus, because. I couldn't call in to say I would be late, because. There was some sort of accident at the busstop and I couldn't google it because.

Needless to say, I'm way more fucked than I though I would be, should this Carrington Event in 2012 actually bring modern civilization crashing down around our ears. I thought I would be fine because I know how to take care of myself without electricity and shit but APPARENTLY I AM HOPELESSLY DEPENDENT ON MY SMARTPHONE FML

is there like a Gadgets Anonymous or what


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