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The time when I get bored and post a meme! How original I am!

Name any story I've written, and any character in it, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character that I didn't put in the story.
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We brought the cats up to my parents for the weekend, thinking that two of the three cats involved would be mellow enough that it would not be an issue.

And then Grania and Toodles decided that they were Special Hate Friends and grrrrrrrrrred and hsssssssssssss and burbled at each other, even when there was a door between them and it was kind of hilarious and I made up in my head a whole thing about how Grania is in love with Toodles but he can't requite it because he's a gay kitty (which is actually kind of documented, as far as these things go with cats) so he was like GIRLS WHAT and they were both generally neurotic in each others' directions. Watching Toodles hiss at nothing was adorable and sad.

But then we brought Smee downstairs thinking he's all mellow and not affected by anything and it will be fine. And Grania took one look at him and proceeded to chase him around the house. Smee is a giant coward, true, but he also weighs over twenty pounds and Grania is an 8 pound pint sized ball of fury, apparently, and it was just the saddest display. He was SO DISTRESSED OMG because this tiny ginger kitty was being SO MEAN TO HIM and he was like WHY YOU DO DIS and ran away and she was all GET OUT MAH HOUSE HKSSS SPPPIS

Apparently Meanie Greenie does not like the boy kitties, and when she senses a gentle giant she flies into overdrive. Awww and lol.

In other things, my parents finally got their damn house (I think I have mentioned?) and wound up moving back into the town I grew up in , so whenever I visit I am amazed by how CLOSE everything is to each other and how small all the buildings are and wooooooooow in the way you can only have in a place you left when you were ten and went back to when you were all grown up. LOTS OF THINGS ARE STILL HERE. Other things are gone :((((((( /pours one out for the Swedeish bakery

But the insane, old school, made of magic spice shop is still here! No lie, I still have dreams about the smell of this store, it is so amazing. This blend of coffee and bulk tea and peanut butter and every spice you've ever known and some you haven't and candy and chocolate and joy. And it still exists and still smells exactly the same and is made of exactly the same amount of magic. SO AWESOME OMG. It almost makes me not mourn the South American knit shop. Almost.



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