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Dear Person Who Invented Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans,


Truly, you are a god among mortals.

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Mici: Is weeping permissible? (also I have like the Young Avengers go watch Inception thing in my head now)
Atti: no weeping either
Mici: See I came out of Inception imagining the sandman crossover and the Young Avengers viewing party
Atti: but crossover fic is acceptable
Atti: because i imagine kate (and to a certain extent billy) would be all BUT THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS and tommy would be like SHUT UP I LIKE IT and teddy would be all JGL <3___<3 and Eli would be all wtf i hate these assholes why are they my friends
Mici: AHAHAH I like Eli's reaction
Mici: Billy and Teddy would both just zone out during the zero g hallway sequence
Atti: yeah a little bit
Mici: You can see them attempting to mimic it in training
Mici: And Eli being like
Mici: >|
Atti: and billy would be all BUT I CAN MAKE IT ACTUALLY ZERO G GUYS WATCH
Atti: and then he can't get the gravity back
Atti: and they're all floating aimlessly around the warehouse
Mici: Eli keeps hitting his head
Mici: Over and over
Atti: and Eli gets kate finally to fling him in billy's direction
Atti: and then eli threatens him with no coffee ever again unless he make gravity work
Atti: also he has to clean up all of tommy's vomit
Mici: AHAHAH omg Tommy in zero g
Mici: I can see the flinging being like
Mici: SUPER EFFECTIVE for like a second
Atti: then eli goes careening in the wall?
Mici: And then Eli is sort of floa~~ating forever
Mici: yes
Atti: but he snags billy's cape on the way
Mici: It turns out flying only really works when there's gravity present
Atti: billy didn't think of that
Atti: he is not a planner
Mici: sob meanwhile in the background Teddy is totally actually working hte zero G
Atti: he can just stretch his feet to the floor
Atti: and billy's like THAT IS NOT FAIR
Atti: >:|
Atti: and teddy's all like BABY COME BACK

Also APPARENTLY if you watch Merlin before you go to sleep you will for some reason end up dreaming Buttgoose dreams that are one part heist flick and one part Groundhog Day, in which Uther is less intermittently evil and more just a douchebag, and everything is a little bit magic. %UH


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