Feb. 28th, 2011

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We are apparently going to be getting tornadoes here all day so if I get hit to death by flying glass, you know. Mourn me.

If, on the other much more likely hand, the conference room windows do not asplode, I will be posting my flaily squee over Art and Soul sometime this afternoon.
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(Or, Why Atti Is Not A Food Reviewer)

As I mentioned last week, I went to Art and Soul this weekend. Art and Soul is one of the restaurants of Art Smith, who you may recognize if you are an obsessive Top Chef watcher. Basically he was adorable and fantastic and charming and his food looked fucking delicious and I wanted to lick my tv screen all the time except that would be gross and dusty and generally disappointing. Also it is hard to see through tongue smears, no lie.

So I knew he had a restaurant in DC, but I hadn't managed to get around to actually going for a long ass time, and finally I was like, "THE SO! WE ARE GOING! CHOP CHOP OPEN TABLE NICE SHIRT MOVE IT." And lo, it was good. )

And thus ends the proof that Atti will never write food reviews because "Amazing" has just taken a massive beating and fled for the hills and will not allow itself to be used in such a fashion ever again. Whew.


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